Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

Wisma MM UGM

Wisma MMUGM is a housing for MMUGM students, UGM postgraduate students, UGM guests, UGM alumni, also public. The housing, located on Jalan Colombo Yogyakarta, is a seven-storied building occupies an area of 11.781m2. This strategic location in UGM campus area has been a benefit for its occupants for easy access to some strategic places in campus surrounding and center of Yogyakarta.
Wisma MMUGM is designed with modern atmosphere which supports its occupants to conduct transfer of knowledge, social interaction, and acculturation. Esthetics, pleasure, professionalism, and safety are highly considered elements in the arrangement and management of the housing.  Ethics  and eastern culture are also the key in housing management, so that the interaction process among occupants can be well established.
The Housing has 161 rooms, with common facilities in each floor such as kitchen, laundry room and mini lobby. All rooms are

  for rent in long stay or short stay based, with three types: STANDARD, DELUXE  and EXECUTIVE. Long stay based is for MMUGM students and other UGM postgraduate students, while short stay based are for guests, MMUGM alumni or their family, family of occupants, and recommended guests by MMUGM Board of Directors or UGM faculty. Presently, the housingprovides 46 rooms for long stay and 115 rooms for short stay based. In addition to its offering of cozy residence with intellectual atmosphere, the housing is also equipped with a meeting room for 80 people, located in upper ground floor.
For further information and reservation, please contact:
Telp.: +62 274 557981 - 85
Fax.: +62 274 557986

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